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Creative Clothing By Roxane
*Orchid* is a full length coat made from silk brocades and velvets with a sprinkling of scarves and saris.
*Parfait* This is a shorter coat made of shot taffetas and more silk and velvet.
A rather lightweight coat, good for in-between seasons.
*RBG* These initials stand for red,black, grey. most of the fabrics in this coat are woolens. the houndstooth and the tweed are 100% wool. the slices are enhanced by black velvet and heavy red canvas. it's a perfect coat for early winter!! Size: large.
As summer approached, I started making summer dresses and skirts in this style. This first try is *Sarongs*, as it is made from several rayon sarongs I had.
*Turquoise* is one of my favourite colours! This sweater-coat is a comfortable length and made mostly of silk velvet, stretch velvet and a showering of gold and sparkles.
The first of my K-Coats: *Fall*. It is a natural progression of my style using many fabrics in a garment. This way of dealing with seams showing and deliberately coloured to show up, was inspired by Katwise, who makes 100% wool sweaters in this fashion. Hence my name for my creations: K-Coats, also derived from my own name.
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